We’re just a couple of blokes that love the simple things in life;  a frosted glass, a boxed quinella and watching grown men in matching outfits chase a ball around. It’s got to involve a ball though. We’re not really fussed with who can run the fastest, who can hop over the highest pole using another pole or, in Ian Thorpe’s case, who can pick out the snappiest cardigan.

Purpleshag grew up on a diet of hoops, cricket & Gloria Estefan. These days he is based in Sweden and manages to get through the long winters by roasting meat, drinking red and watching an obscene amount of premier league. He is a fan of Tottenham Hotspur and has learnt to revel in the underachievement over the years. Originally from Newcastle Oz, there will always be a soft spot for the Knights and the memory of 1997 will live forever as the greatest rugby league grand final of all time.

Brendan is based in London and is a loyal Gooner. He is also a big fan of the Queenland Reds, Real Madrid & Shane Warne’s new look.  As a solicitor he currently focuses on insurance law but one would feel he might be switching to defamation cases if anyone ever gets around to reading this blog. Over the years Brendan has seen the top of a few line-outs, the bottom of a few rucks and also knows his way around the basketball court.  Well, at least enough to have made a £100 bet on a game of one-on-one against The Shag but unfortunately the game is yet to eventuate.

Thommo is based in Sydney and is an old friend of Brendan and The Shag. As a stats guru, he is in many ways the Duckworth to their Lewis. He is a big Tigers fan (both the animal and the rugby league club), is mad for Young Boys (just the Swiss football club), and is a loyal follower of the championship’s own West Ham United. With a knack for most sports, he was a pretty safe bet when picking teams in the schoolyard (especially Tee Ball).

Buckets was born into a football mad family and was given the choice between supporting Liverpool F.C. or Tranmere Rovers. He went with the Reds although later admitted it was a tough decision for a one-month old to make. Residing in Newcastle Australia, he also lends his support to Nathan Tinkler’s Jets in the form of a season ticket amongst the Squadron & a preference for coal-fuelled energy. Buckets has broken bones in the pursuit of four different sports, is completely fluent in ‘Jive’ due to an obsession with ‘The Wire’ & his sole superannuation fund is 1% of a Bart Cummings trained filly called Shuswap.

The contributors celebrate a Wallabies' win over England at Twickenham, 2008.


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